Sometimes it goes viral or makes itself known for reasons other than the original ones. An enthusiast knows it well chainsaw man who in the role of Denji for a cosplayer event was the victim of a faux pas that went around the world thanks to an amateur recording.

The Chainsaw Man anime just introduced one of its most anticipated devils, an episode that also saw one of the first major deaths in the series. Meanwhile, the world is honoring the spread of television adaptation through special rallies and initiatives, the latest of which was in Indonesia.

It has been held for the past few days a cosplay event in Indonesia where a couple of cosplayers walked a catwalk to win the title of best outfit of the event. One of them dressed by none other than DenjiShe was filmed running down the catwalk at a brisk pace before suddenly falling from a height of one meter in full view of the public. In fact, the cosplyarer wore a mask that covered his eyes, thus obscuring his view of the stage, a minor faux pas that was still making the rounds on social media. In connection with this, you can check out a short snippet of the video at the end of the news.

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