It takes place every year in December jump party, the main event organized by Shueisha where the publishing giant announces new manga and animation adaptations. One of the publisher's lighthouse projects will certainly be among the panels at the fair, namely the new season of bleaching.

2022 marked the return of Ichigo to the small screen with the highly anticipated new season of the anime, a sequel that fans have been waiting for for many years. Currently, Bleach: Thousand Blood Year War has 9 episodes and has been following viewers for several months since then Studio Pierrot has 4 courses planned to complete the adaptation of the final arc of the manga Tite Kubo.

According to the rumors spread on the net, the studio intends to manage the programming of the anime through the formula split course with one season from each installment of about 12 episodes. The end of part 1 is getting closer, shueisha has planned Jump Party 2023 this December the release of a new trailer and an unreleased official poster within the panel dedicated to the television series.

Presumably on this date we will know details about the release date of the next episodes. And you on the other hand, what do you expect from Jump Festa 2023? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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