On the official site for the multimedia franchise of card fight!! Avant-garde overdress A new trailer for the fourth season of the project has been unveiled. This fourth season is actually the second season after the show's name change, renamed to card fight!! Vanguard: Will + Dresswhile the video confirms this the premiere is scheduled for January 14, 2023 in Japan.

the idol group strawberry prince will be the opening theme of this new season with the single "accelerate' and the members rinu Y satomi They will voice the characters Reno Akai and Tenma Sakurai respectively.

The first season after the name change (or the third of overDress) celebrated during the premiere Summer-2022 (July-September)while a third season (or fifth of OverDress) is slated to begin Summer-2023 (July-September). This new anime features the top sixteen competitors from across the country now competing in a deluxe tournament.

production team

  • ryutarou suzuki (Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, Puripuri Chii-chan!!) is responsible for directing the anime at the studios cinema citrussubstitute ken mori.
  • satoshi nakamura He is responsible for writing and supervising the scripts.
  • The creative collective CLAMP Credit will be given for original character designs hiroyuki saita (kuma miko, Love life! Sunshine!!, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight) is responsible for animation direction.
  • Hijiri Kuwano is responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.
card fight!!

card fight!! Vanguard Will+dress

Four months after the battle at Nagoya Castle, Yu-yu and her friends receive an invitation to a tournament. This "Deluxe" tournament aims to determine the strongest fighter and brings together both "Front Fighters" who actively participate in official tournaments and powerful hidden "Counter Fighters" like "Blackout" who compete against the flags. . Existing overDress characters will compete with new Will+Dress characters like Raika, Michiru and Urara to become the strongest of them all!

Font: Weird Natalie

©VANGUARD will+Dress Character Design ©2021-2022 CLAMP・ST

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