Absent since March 30, 2021, the anime of Black clover returns with the first feature film in the saga. In March 2023, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King will debut on Netflix, a film recently promoted with a new teaser.

A new original protagonist from the Black Clover movie was recently revealed, but the staff of Studio Pierrot has released a new commercial ahead of its scheduled March 31, 2023 release on Netflix.

The movie doesn't feature any new material but is a compilation of scenes that have already been seen and are also taken from the television anime series. The clip summarizes the basic plot of the work, which in particular brings us back to the challenge between the duo formed by Asta and Yami against Dante. The antagonist is then displayed Konrad Lettothe former Magic Emperor who will attack the Clover Kingdom for reasons still unknown.

Yuki Tabata's work is experiencing a period of great success, also thanks to the release of the manga series that has entered its final arcs, and the return of the anime is awaited by all fans. Before the March release there will be a roadshow with events such as: jump partywhich will lead us to discover more details, images and trailers about the Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie.

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