In Chainsaw Man 1x08, public safety was under surprise attack from some of the Devil Gun's subordinates. Several felhunters have already died, including some from the Fourth Division. Let's find out what will happen in the preview ninth part of Chainsaw Man.

While Makima was on her way to Kyoto, she was killed by some mysterious figures equipped with firearms, almost impossible to get in the world of opera. At the same time, Denki, Aki, Himeno, and Power were approached by a menacing man who, after introducing himself as the yakuza chief's nephew, shot Denji in the head, severely wounding Himeno.

Aki took care of him and immediately grabbed the demon fox. However, this is where the Devil Katana arrived in Chainsaw Man 1x08. This particular antagonist is so powerful that he freed himself from the Demon Fox and even forced Aki to resort to his sword. But not even the fel curse hidden in Aki's blade could stop Katana Man. Finally, to protect her lover's life, Himeno sacrificed himself to the phantom devil.

in the Chainsaw Man 1x09 makes a comeback Denji. Just before she died and said goodbye to her comrades, Himeno managed to slip the chain across the protagonist's chest. The Devil Chainsaw is now ready to meet Katana Man and bring to life one of the manga series readers' most anticipated challenges. But will Denji be able to fight against such a strong opponent?

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