ONE PIECE and bleach are two world-famous mangas. If the first is still in progress, the second will have completed its cycle, unless there is significant news of the Hell's tale. Although Bleach is complete in both the manga and anime versions - again for now - Bleach remains one of the cornerstones of the shonen of the 2000s.

Tite Kubo's drawing style is unmistakable, as are the traits of some of the characters that appear in Bleach. When we arrived in Hueco Mundo, we got to know the Arrancars better and the strongest of them, the Espada. Hollows who have combined their original power with that of the Shinigami, thus gaining the ability to unleash a transformation called Resurreccion. Espada has well-known and noticeable properties. What would happen if we applied them to ONE PIECE characters??

The designer D_NOT_So_Good_Artist had already presented a fan art crossover in which he combined Naruto and Bleach. Now he's done the same with ONE PIECE and Bleach, Making the Mugiwara of Espada. The demonstration is in the video above, which also shows all the steps in the drawing. It starts with Nami, who takes 10th place, and then gradually rises up with Usopp, Chopper and the others, then reaches Zoro and finally Luffy with 1st place.

THE ONE PIECE characters thus receive the characteristic properties of the characters from Tite Kubo. Do you like this reinterpretation that combines the two mangas?

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