According to a post on his personal account from Twitter, the author Kazuki Funatsu evidenced that the number of copies in circulation of the first compilation volume of his manga Mabataki yori Hayaku !! it was considerably reduced because the eroticism in the work was reduced.

The author related the events that occurred when he asked about it: “Is this not erotic? Wasn’t Funatsu-san an erotic manga author? I was told. I was about to cry with that comment, but I didn’t. “

He continued, “No, I’m sorry … In fact I am crying now because I am receiving many comments in favor of my position. I really appreciate it.

Kazuki also commented that the person who made the comment was not actually the person in charge of editing it, but an author who used to sell manga of that type. He added that the person in charge is quite upset at the moment due to the controversy caused.

The author concluded his series of publications by mentioning that he was quite disappointed with the current state of the manga industry, where more circulation is given to manga that contain fan-service, assuming that they are the ones that will sell the most. Finally, he invited his followers to give his manga a try.

For its part, Kazuki Funatsu publishes the manga Mabataki yori Hayaku !! in the magazine Ultra Jump from the publisher Shueisha since last March 19. The story centers on Himari Kohanai, a fifteen-year-old girl who hates her silly personality. However, as a high school student he will decide to change his scene.

Source: Kazuki Funatsu’s Twitter account


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