My Hero Academia: do aspiring 1-A heroes still need Yuei High School?

The events shown in the last chapters of My Hero Academia have once again underlined the importance of aspiring heroes, and in particular of class 1-A members. At this point, however, and considering in particular what happened in the last six months of the adventure, it is legitimate to ask: what is the Yuei High School for?

From his arrival in high school until today, Izuku Midroiya has faced and defeated more threats than any other Pro Heroes, All Might and Endeavor included. In the narrative arc of the USJ, adapted in the first season of the anime, Deku and his companions managed to keep up with the Villain Union until the arrival of All Might, while in the second season the protagonist, Iida and Todoroki definitively defeated the killer of heroes Stain.

Leaving aside the terrifying amount of villain defeated in the two films, among which the great antagonists stand out Wolfram is Nine, Midoriya and companions also participated in the Bakugo recovery mission, defeated many opponents in the Woods Retreat Saga (including the mighty Muscular) and even knocked out Shie Hassaikai's leader Overhaul and his followers. Deku in particular has also defeated Gentle is La Brava, without considering the subsequent opponents faced in the manga, which we will not talk about in order not to run into spoilers.

1-A is now a class ready for action, and the same Kirishima, Froppy, Todoroki, Tokoyami and Bakugo have demonstrated this several times. However, the students are still at first year of studies, and consequently the question begins to arise: what could the teachers still teach him? Wouldn't it be better if the guys immediately wore the Pro Heroes? The risks that aspiring heroes incur during operations are still high, and at least three or four students really seem to be too talented to be left behind.

And what do you think of it? Does 1-A still need Yuei High School? Let us know yours by leaving a comment in the box below! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that the fifth season of My Hero Academia is currently in production, and that it will arrive on your screens between 2021 and 2022.

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