He is without a doubt one of the most unpredictable characters in the entire Marvel Comics multiverse Poison , initially portrayed as one of Spider-Man's bitter enemies, then took a different editorial direction thanks to the numerous spin-off stories published depicting him as an antihero.

In the new series dedicated to the symbiote, we actually saw Eddie Brock and his son Dylan Travel to the ultimate universewhere they've dealt with alternative versions of certain characters on multiple occasions, such as the terrifying Avengers Symbiote. The last published volume also introduced us to a very special team.

Poison number 28 starts with an unlikely one Meeting between Eddie Brock from Earth 616 and Anne Weying, originally from Earth in 1610, both joined the symbiote. Anne, whom we remember being Eddie's wife in the past, explains that her husband committed suicide in her universe and that Venom later tried to bond with her.

As a continuation of the explanations, Anne Eddie introduces the 1610 Earth versions by Peter Parker, Cletus Kasady, Wade Wilson and Andi Benton, all of whom are involved in the same mission. This is one of the most special teams ever featured on the Marvel Signed Pages that nobody would have expected a collaboration between Spider-Man, Carnage, Deadpool and Mania.

Although nothing is clear about future developments, this "Venom Beyond team" could be the protagonist of some very interesting stories useful for delving into the past of the alternate versions of the characters in question. Recall that the one shot dedicated to Wraith was released, and we leave you to Donny Cates' crazy plans for number 200 from Venom.

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