ONE PIECE: will the manga chapter 1000 only debut in 2021?

Eiichiro Oda has published his manga for 23 years ONE PIECE, not without some pause from time to time, increased in recent times, but fairly steadily. This allowed fans to always remain with a weekly story to discuss or reflect, given the many elements that the master inserts.

With the approach of chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE, expectations begin to get bigger and bigger. In fact, it is known that Oda never makes chapters with a multiple of 100 trivial: in 700 came the beginning of the Arch of Dressrosa, in 800 the conclusion with a lot of creation of the large fleet of Straw Hat, in 900 the end of the arch of Whole Cake Island. So what awaits us in chapter 1000?

To find out we will have to wait more, and probably a lot. Although on a theoretical level the ONE PIECE 1000 chapter could arrive in the # 48 of Weekly Shonen Jump, at the end of October, the reality is very different. In fact the mangaka has intensified its breaks for the Coronavirus and this will bring the long-awaited chapter to slide to 2021 in a certain way. Depending on the developments in the coming months, we may have to wait 8 or 9 months before discovering the contents.

What do you expect will come in chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE? We remind you that tomorrow it will be released on MangaPlus ONE PIECE 980.

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