The new DC Comics event, Future State, gave fans a chance to watch the futures of some of the most iconic superheroes and, of course, it couldn't be missed among those Batmanwho has been robbed of his cloak by a new Dark Knight while continuing to fight crime in Gotham, where the magistrate gains much power.

The events of Future State will follow what is told in Dark Nights: Death Metal # 7where the entire city of Gotham has seen drastic changes. After a tragic episode that took place at Arkham Asylum, Mayor Christopher Nakano initiated a new anti-vigilance policy, specially organized to fend off Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and the rest of the Caped Crusader's allies. Important information about upcoming developments has been released thanks to a recently released special offer, which you can find below.

The city had to rely on them to cope with the lack of exceptional characters represented by superheroes An organization that unites all police forces and calls itself the magistrateand despite the promises made to the citizens, it seems that the top management of the organization has bad intentions. As stated by John Ridely himself, one of the writers on the series, β€œIt's a natural extension of what we saw in Joker War. What if Gotham is turning into a huge battlefield? When people start to think that there are no heroes. They are all threatened. Even if the police are not prepared for any eventuality. What does it mean when an entire city chooses to rely on a private police force when it decides to abandon the law to make way for an outside entity? It is a private army that is not guided by morality, much less the lawbut from the idea that every mask poses a threat. "

The new Batman featured in Future State appears to be far less tech-savvy than Bruce Wayne's methods, and according to Ridley it has to prove that it is much more strategic and be physically prepared for the clashes that await. Mariko Tamaki, author of Future State: Dark Detective, also gave her opinion on Magistrate, saying: "I think the magistrate wants a lot of things and Batman's 'death' can help them with that."

Writer Andrew Consant revealed this for Future State's Nightwing Arkham Asylum will be the superhero's new headquartersGiven that after the events of death metal no one comes near the facility while Harley Quinn appears to be helping the bat family against the magistrate. Keep in mind that the city of Burbank dedicated a statue to the Dark Knight and we'll leave the aftermath of the clash between Batman and Ghost Maker to you.

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