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Chapter 7: Easy Albatross

BNA Chapter 7, Still thinking about her old friend's words, Michiru unexpectedly receives a view, which enters from the ceiling. Pinga, an albatross beast man is introduced as a traveler who practically spends all his time in the sky, spending very little time in one place. As Michiru spends time with her unexpected visit, Shirou and the mayor argue about how to deal with the Silver Wolf Order situation when they, likewise, receive an unexpected visit.

The CEO of Sylvasta, Alan Sylvasta, appears before the Mayor in order to express their "fears" regarding this situation. Specifically, his disapproval of the permanent stay of this mysterious order. After Alan's visit, Shirou and the mayor go on to discuss another possible situation, one related with terrorism. The suspect, coincidentally, is a beast man whose illegal entry through airspace was recently reported, in addition to giving a nice air ride with Michiru.

Little time later, after saying goodbye to Pinga, Michiru is informed about the situation related to your new acquaintance. Incredulous of such situation, Michiru accompanies Shirou during the night expected to make his move. Just like predicted, Pinga appears with route to the mayor's office loading material suspect. Unfortunately, heaven is not Shirou's domain, so chasing Pinga is out of his reach. Fortunately, or rather, strangely, Michiru develops the ability to fly, thereby catching Pinga becomes a matter of time. Despite his actions, Shirou releases Pinga seeing that he had no intention of damaging the city. However, another threat, with Alan as a target, appears that same night, plus who saves Sylvasta's CEO of this danger is, unexpectedly, Nazuna.


You know this It could be just me, but it seems to me that they only use the excuse of "laws international ”and others to justify their aggression against beastmen. I mean, it sounds kind of a stretch to knock down beastmen just to get through the limits and enter restricted airspace. Maybe it's just me, but We really need to establish so many barriers and laws about it. Don't take me so seriously, politics is one of those things that just doesn't get me into the head. It's not the kind of "complicated" stuff that I like to deal with.

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Leaving that little comment of my own, it seems to me that BNA He wanted to try an interesting comment regarding our current laws, of course, based on the context of the series. We in the real world are not as affected by it, as we are the only species on the conscious planet that must abide by these laws. And no, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, there are only humans, the rest are living beings far from our level of intellect and understanding.

A Excuse me, I almost strayed once again. The point I am trying to get to is that The situation raised in this episode is intriguing. After so many years establishing our society, the "human world", which would result from the emergence of another conscious species with human-like capabilities.

No lie, we tend to belittle the lives of the vast majority of beings in this planet. We put ourselves in a superior position due to our adaptability and constant evolution, therefore, imagine a scenario where another species that could be called "human", which places an equal to us in the equation, is what leads me to call the ideology behind fascinating of this episode.

If a bird traverses the international borders, we don't even notice, but, based on BNAIf a beastman did it, we have a problem. Our laws never considered animals, but seeing how they are forced on beastmen is quite interesting. Although we are, technically speaking, different species, we force our “society” on them. Going beyond racism, noticing how we actually force other species to adapt to our world instead of trying to create space for them is an interesting comment on human nature.

We have already left a mark too big in the world to erase it and start again with another species under consideration. Changes can always be, small efforts like Anima City exist both in the real world and in the BNA. But if you have the entire world as your workspace, you really can't expect the situation to end very fairly.

It has that to consider that the numbers and the time ultimately does not favor the beastmen here. And in all honesty, how would we not take advantage of a situation So. By the time the beastmen came to light, the human world had already proclaimed superiority over the planet. Competition really isn't an option here, and not exactly share something that highlights the human being.

Anyway, this idea turned out to me that it was worth trying to develop a little more on paper, because BNA It does not have the scale to deal with this issue in greater depth. The series will mostly only focus on Anima City. I still feel that this hypothetical case could be further developed, but that is something to do in my spare time. Or instead, look for some other series that deals with the sudden appearance of a species with similar or superior capabilities to the human, and see how the human world adapts to such a situation. (Recommendations accepted).

ORFinal pinion

What do they say? Skip to the final section of the review very soon. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. But If I'm already here, it's for a reason. The above idea is one in which I try to expand more than usual for being interesting, but also because I think it was worth the pain. Besides this, no element presented in this came to make me think the same. There are things worth mentioning, but not expanding. At least that it is my opinion.

Elements important as Sylvasta's direct intervention on the situation with the order Silver Wolf was something he hoped could happen. This was just him first movement of each of the factions present. And in the same way, I imagine that saving Alan from "certain death" in front of a large crowd was the plan that I had prepared the order to deal with this interference.

From this moment you can start to see how the control over Anima City starts to crack. One of the biggest influencers in the game is in a position complicated, despite appearing cautious against rivals. And, if two of players are cautious in front of the silver wolf order, sure the fourth player will also do them. The important thing is to consider who will have the advantage here.

Who can more accurately predict the opponent's actions? Who knows better the intentions of your opponent? Who really has the advantage here? They are elements to consider as this conflict progresses. Even if the order is presents suspicious, what reason would Sylvasta have to intervene and really is he so careless as to fall into such a trap?

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We don't know too much about these characters, so it's hard to really know how capable they are. Everyone seems to possess a certain privilege, but this is the first time that we will witness their capabilities. I am especially interested to see how Sylvasta copes with this situation he finds himself in. I would hate for us to lose a central player so early in the game. If possible, I'd like to see him make Michiru his Ace up his sleeve. It would be a great way to engage her a little more with this story, and take up the mystery of how she got infected in the first place. A situation is even prepared with which to resolve the relationship between Michiru and Nazuna.

Something like that to me I would like to see, although I see it unlikely. I'm going to wait a little while the objective of the order and the order of the forces that support or oppose are revealed to this organization.


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