It is a period of relative calm that it has entered Black clover for the group of protagonists. But as we know, it will take a few days and most importantly it will be the opening for one of the most important wars in the magical world created by Yuki Tabata. Unfortunately this was temporarily suspended after Black Clover 271 due to a hiatus.

The manga is about to return to Weekly Shonen Jump, however. In fact, the magazine has already confirmed that the chapter will also have an opening color page on Friday November 20th. The leaks from the magazine also allow us to take an early look at this and other sites to have some Black Clover 272 spoilers.

The pages, with the exception of the first in color, almost all focus on the second half of the chapter. Love and Asta continue to fight with Nacht, but lose noticeably and are tired and hungry. The two freshen up and Love ponders the mistakes he made. In the meantime, however Yuno also returns who like the others decided to train to hone their skills and defeat the enemies of the Kingdom of Swords. Langris will help him with his training, Finral's unpredictable brother. What will this election lead to?

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