The latest edition of Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the launch of a new break for My Hero Academiawith the resumption date of the publications for November 29, 2020. Kohei Horikoshi, author of the manga, apologized to the fans and defined the break as "necessary". Anticipating a possible announcement regarding a new project.

On the author's comment page on Weekly Shonen Jump # 50, Horikoshi said the following: "I know I've said this before, but I'm sorry to have to stop again! I don't want that either, but ... please be patient for a while!"If the hypothesis of health or stress problems is excluded, then it is possible that the author is preparing something for Jump Festa 2021.

At the moment the Horikoshi series has two spin-offs, My Hero Academia Smash !! (ended 2018) e Vigilante: My hero Academia Illegals. The world created by the mangaka has great potential, and it is possible that this is intended to be exploited with a new series. Alternatively, it is always possible that it is a new project or news about the main series.

Chapter 291 of My Hero Academia was released last Sunday and ended with an interesting twist, while Chapter 292 will arrive on Sunday November 29th and will continue to explain the ramifications of the battle between heroes and villains. However, to find out if something is boiling, we have to wait patiently for December 19, 2020, the start date of Jump Festa 2021.

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