The fight with Lady Nagant is appreciated by the readers of My hero academia. The clash that began a few chapters ago has also turned into a clash of ideals that could soon get Deku into trouble.

The protagonist actually managed to find countermeasures against Lady Nagant. Although the boy was unable to deliver the final blow due to the experience of the enemy, he keeps getting them more and more into trouble. However, Lady Nagant has decided to shift Deku's attention towards the end of My Hero Academia 314. He did not point his rifle at the boy, but at the defenseless overtake.

Midoriya notices Chisaki's presence and now she has to decide: will she allow the enemy to kill the villain she once defeated, or will she save him at the cost of serious injury? My Hero Academia 315 will answer this question mandatory since there aren't many other solutions for the protagonist, unless the quirk of the second owner of the One for All is surprisingly pulled out. However, given the caliber of Lady Nagant, it is difficult for Deku to knock the cards over so easily. Deku is therefore at an important crossroads that could lead to a severe blow: In fact, it is difficult for the protagonist to let Overhaul die because of his ideals.

My Hero Academia 315 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday June 6th at 6:00 p.m. in English and Spanish.

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