In the past few days, Hakusensha Publishing has announced to the world that the manga creator Kentaro Miura has died of an aortic dissection at the age of 54. A huge loss to the world of manga and literature in general, considering that Berserk was a critically acclaimed manga on several fronts.

It is precisely the dark fantasy work that made the Kentaro Miura name famous around the world. Running since 1989, Berserk has published over 350 chapters and collected them in numerous Tankobons, printed and reprinted to meet the many demands of buyers. Over time, Berserk has increased the number of printed copies, achieved high numbers, making it one of the most famous and best-selling manga of all time.

Hakusensha revealed that Berserk has a circulation of 50 million copies worldwideincluding digital copies. A round and tall number that shows how much Kentaro Miura's work was loved. With 40 volumes published, that means Berserk has one Average printed copies of 1.25 million volumes. It is currently unknown whether that number will increase with the production of more Tankobons, and one of Studio GAGA's key assistants has confirmed that there are currently no plans for Berserk.

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