Kohei Horikoshi has often and willingly delighted his readers with constant twists and turns, sensational facial changes, and sudden reversals. What if he "played" with the community of? My hero academia? Indeed, according to some hypotheses, Lady Nagant would not be a villain.

In the final chapters of the manga, after numerous criminals escaped from security prisons across Japan Society is in chaos. A mess that All For One was looking for and wanted to distract the heores from more important topics. The real goal of the villain king is one for all.

Among the criminals who fled Tartarus are there Lady Nagant, a mysterious figure who, accompanied by Overhaul, aims at Midoriya. Apparently the new antagonist works directly on behalf of All For One, who gave Lady Nagant a new quirk in exchange for Deku.

From the moment of his attack, Horikoshi has slowly allowed us to discover that Background of the sniper. In the past, Lady Nagant was a keen shooter who worked for the Public Safety Commission, a heroine who loved to do her job. However, according to Hawks, one of his colleagues, everything suddenly changed.

Lady Nagant was accused killed some colleagues in cold blood and sent to Tartarus to rot in prison. Today's Lady Nagant is completely different from Hawks'. The woman has a cold and aloof personality and seems to be focused solely on her goal.

If you look her in the eye, you can guess that Lady Nagant holds a grudge against the Heroes Society and the Commission. The latter may have tricked her cunningly and sent her to jail for fear of revenge. However, we might also think that Lady Nagant, just like Hawk, is doing one with the Supernatural Liberation Front Double game with the bad guys.

And what do you think of this mysterious character? My hero academy meets ONE PIECE, Midoriya as Luffy in a board. Here are spoilers and pictures on My Hero Academia 314.

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