Crafted in the Abyss is a manga that has enjoyed massive success since its debut in 2012. Akihito Tsukushi's work stars Riko, a young orphan who dreams of exploring the Abyss in search of her mother. One day, together with Reg, a mysterious robot found in the Abyss, he decides to go into the abyss and explore its depths.

The manga β€œMade in Abyss” peaked two years ago, at least that's what the author announced. there rather irregular publication of the chapters has ensured that only one volume, the tenth, has since been released, while the eleventh was only recently announced.

Next to the announcement is the picture of Made in Abyss 11 official cover, which you can see at the end of the news. The illustration sees protagonists Rico and Reg as they hold hands, floating in the abyss between the void and the apparent ruins of a city. Meinya peeks out on Riko's hat, a strange creature that is the companion of the protagonists' adventures.

Last week, the first episode of Made in Abyss season 2 debuted on Prime Video, which releases a new episode every Friday. The series, which managed to conquer everyone on the manga's road to success, is one of the most anticipated products of the 2022 anime summer season, thanks largely to the great studio animations. cinema citrus.

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