So much for the story of My hero academia is essentially related to the path that led Izuku Midoriya from a young student without a quirk to a great hero. In Kohei Horikoshi's work there is no lack of dangerous, deeply dark and dark moments, some of which influenced an enthusiast, author of a spectacular fanart.

One of the central themes of the work is the constant confrontation between good and bad which can be found not only in the course of the various sagas and during the growth of the protagonist, but also in some narrative details, just think of them same derivation of Quirk One For All and All For One. Because of this, it seems absurd to think of Deku as the villain, but one talented fan of the series did it and with a style that is downright futuristic.

We're talking about the amazing illustration you can see in the post below shared by @ ryuutoshi2 on Reddit that portrays Midoriya and little Eri as if they were villains in a futuristic setting, probably dystopian, with completely different designs from the originals, which are very similar to cyborgs due to the technology depicted and the numbers present on Eri's mask and under Deku's right eye. Tell us what you think What if from My Hero Academia? with a comment below.

Remember, a great cartoon Network-themed fanart came up with My Hero Academia and we leave you to the 5 events that changed Shoto Todoroki's life.

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