The Witcher: the sexy and lingerie Yennefer sorceress in this YuzuPyon cosplay

The world of cosplay is quite varied. Only in the 90s did it begin to spread a lot and then explode in recent years where the characters represented come from all kinds of mediums, from anime and manga to books and video games. And the titles of the moment, like The Witcher, influence the choices of cosplayers.

With the serial that was released by Netflix in late 2019, the world of The Witcher created by Andrej Sapkowski has returned to the crest of the wave as videogames had failed to do. This brought with it a small reinterpretation of some characters but basically we got to know those individuals that the writer's books present carefully.

Among these is the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, who in the Witcher TV series was played by Anya Chalotra. Instead in the cosplay that we propose today there is YuzuPyon to dress them, creating an excellent one yennefer cosplay and also quite sensual. Divided into two parts, YuzuPyon shows us a classic aspect of Yennefer, in the second one we can admire its sensual shapes thanks to the lingerie. Do you like this The Witcher cosplay? The beautiful Triss Merigold has also received cosplay, such as Sayathefox's.

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