The manga en The attack of the giants is finished, but writer Isayama doesn't fail to revisit it, and who knows what it may hold in store for the franchise in the near future.

The master is aware that the controversial ending of "Attack of the Giants" has left some readers with dry mouths, and on the other hand his commitment to travel to the USA for the occasion of the USA Anime New York Convention 2022 it means he still cares about the precious franchise.

So there was no shortage of interesting news and curiosities during the event. For example, he had prepared an unpublished illustration of Attack of the Giants to celebrate the event, and between one message and another there is also an interesting revelation: Isayama's favorite character in the series. It's about Jean Kirstein, one of the bravest front fighters. From the first moments of the series, the boy from the district of Trost expressed the desire to join the gendarmerie corps and thus be able to spend the rest of his life without having to deal with the giants. However, after the battle in Trost District, he will join the Reconnaissance Army and find an opportunity to avenge his comrades, including his great friend Marco Bodt.

There will be new moments of glory for Jean in the final battle. Far from it will play a crucial role in the bloody fight against Eren. What's your favorite Attack on Titan character instead? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

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