Entertainment products classified as Isekai lately are flocking to Japan like new anime MAPPA Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill or indeed Uncle from another world.

The latter is one of the strangest and funniest Isekai series yet released, featuring an unusually older protagonist, Ojisan, who is a video game enthusiast and especially SEGA games.

This love for Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn makes Uncle From Another World fertile ground for official collaboration with Sega. More precisely, the transition between the two franchises concerns the universe of the famous hedgehog, who comes from the world of video games: that of Sonic The Hedgehog. From this special cooperation also emerges An official website was born in which among the various there is the hilarious image that is present at the bottom of this news. In the background of the colorful world of Sonic, what we see is the blue hedgehog and Ojisan competing in a running race. Sonic, as likely as he is, is at the top and stretches his right arm towards second place seeing the uncle of uncle from another world.

In the last episodes the references to Sonic the Hedgehog are always more direct, are you excited to see what surprises Uncle from Another World will unveil? In the meantime, don't miss the review of Sonic 2, the latest cinematic incarnation linked to the stories of the Sega mascot.

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