A few days ago we shared our expectations for My Hero Academia 282. With a few days to go before the official chapter is released, fans are getting more and more impatient, but as always, the first spoilers related to the events of number 282 have arrived. Attention to There are expectations in the next paragraph.

My Hero Academia 282's spoilers tell us what happened after Shigaraki targeted Aizawa. The professor is one of the most dangerous enemies for the villain as he is able to negate almost all skills in his possession. With the ball in hand Tomura tried to injure the Yuei professor and anyone who's read the spoilers knows that one of those anti-quirk devices hits the target.

However, Aizawa does not stay still and cuts her leg to avoid the anti-quirk effect all over her body. This sparked fans watching this My Hero Academia Progress 282 Network. Many were glad that Aizawa was trending on Twitter but got stuck in response shocked to find out why it was. The professor's gesture has therefore definitely hit and you can see some reactions below. Now we just have to wait a few more days to learn all of the contents of the next chapter of My Hero Academia.

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