Play slowly and not without criticism, the animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations has reached two hundred episodes broadcast. Let's find out what happens in the new episode that continues the events of the Kawaki Arc: Clash with Kara.

When he finally seemed to have moved awayShadow of the Kara OrganizationThe ghosts of Kawaki's past have returned to bring him back to his very personal hell. However, as promised by Lord Hokage, Kawaki was protected at all costs from attack on the inside of the criminal group.

In the course of his new life in Konoha, the "ship" was placed under the protective wing of Naruto, who sees himself as younger in him. Through the teachings of his masters, the seventh succeeded break into Kawaki's heartwho seems to trust and bond to someone for the first time in his life.

As we saw during the clash with Delta, Kawaki actually did sacrificed his arm Defending Naruto and Himawari from an attack that could have ended their lives. A gesture that sparked the anger of the Seventh Hokage, who was no longer gracious to the interior of Kara.

In episode number 200, titled "Becoming a Student," Kawaki is interested in ninja art and decides to get Naruto to train himself to control his chakra. Now that he finally feels part of a real family, Kawaki is ready to take the next step. This could lead to the discovery of the secrets of the karma seal that is imprinted on him and Boruto.

Let's recreate the battle between Delta and Naruto in Boruto 199 and look at some of the images from episode 200 of the anime.

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