The latest saga of the manga from Naruto brought epochal moments as well as unpleasant events with it, especially the death of Neji. The ninja was actually one of the victims of the last great ninja war against the plans of Obito and Madara, who wanted to build a completely different world.

While on the net, fans are starting to turn their noses up at Mediaset's recent decision to hire them Voice of Hashirama Senju to rapper ShadeIn the meantime, fans from all over the world continue to show their enthusiasm for the masterpiece by Masashi Kishimoto, a series that accompanied childhood - and not - entire generations. One of the most popular characters in opera is certainly Neji, a talented ninja whom we met and loved until he died.

A Chinese artist in that regard, a certain one 陆 ιΉ« θ΄° ι»‘, shared a personal cosplay of Neji in the famous Weibo community that you will appreciate thanks to a re-sharing on Instagram at the end of the news. His incredible rendition was very much appreciated by Naruto fans as it remained extremely true to the original character in terms of both facial expression and eye details.

And you, instead, what do you think about this extraordinary cosplay of the Ninja of the Leaf Village, do you like it? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the corresponding field at the bottom of the page.

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