Things are not looking good for the straw hat pirates in the Egghead saga. Your goal, which should have been an easy rescue, is no longer within reach as new enemies appear out of nowhere and Egghead's traitors add mystery to this saga ONE PIECE.

So far, Eiichiro Oda has not said who the traitor was. However, in the finale of ONE PIECE 1077 this was demonstrated in the laboratory where the quest for the devil fruit took place, shot Shaka in the back and hit him in the helmet, probably killing him or in any case seriously wounding him. His face and silhouette have not yet been revealed, but the sound of the mangaka's inserted onomatopoeia suggests a person walking down the stairs.

So in ONE PIECE 1078 we will know the identity of the traitor, or at least that's what some people on the web say. The reason? Unconfirmed leaks have still surfaced about the identity of the Vegapunk traitor. Of course, we recommend taking the following with a grain of salt, as there hasn't been any confirmation of this information from the more well-known and reputable leakers yet.

According to the first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1078the satellite of Vegapunk that betrayed everyone York, the personality of greed. According to those who have already been able to read the chapter, York's ambitions do not seem to be driven by a simple desire to betray, but by a desire to achieve much more ambitious and important goals, which will then be revealed in the following pages.

Did you expect this choice? Of course we will have to wait to confirm this information.

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