This month of May is very unfortunate. This is added to the disappearance of our local Franco Battiato and Kentaro Miura Ichiro Tominaga, a famous Japanese mangaka famous in his homeland for works such as Chinkoro Ane-Chan and Sekkachi Neeya. The author died at the age of 96.

Ichiro Tominaga is died on May 5, 2021 in Setagaya, Tokyo. Although the disappearance occurred earlier this month, according to Japanese tradition, the news was later published by the Ehime Shimbun newspaper so that family members could experience this immense pain out of the spotlight.

Tominaga was born in Kyoto in 1925 and moved to Tokyo in 1951 to work as a mangaka. Intended for a predominantly adult audience, his most famous work, Chinkoro Ane-chanhas a familiar and sometimes erotic sense of humor. Not only was Tominaga known for his works, he was also a frequent guest on the television show Owarai Manga Dojo.

Although she had a bright and cheerful personality, Tominaga worked at work he was uncompromising. In 1986 he won the Japan Cartoonists Association Award and in 1992 a Purple Ribbon Medal from the Japanese government. He was also elected Honorary Director of the Kibi Kawakami Fureai Manga Museum in Okayama Prefecture.

Just like Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, who died at the age of 54, Ichiro Tominaga will stay forever alive in his works. Here's what Kentaro Miura's berserk ending could be.

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