The battle between Heroes and Villain continues unabated My hero academia;; The fate of Japanese society depends on equilibrium. After defeating Muscular and returning to prison, this time Deku has to face a new opponent who is much more dangerous than the muscle-bound criminal. However, the new antagonist hides a dark secret.

In this new act of the manga, society of heroes is on the verge of collapse. To prevent this, only the three top heroes Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist were left, who were convinced by Midoriya himself to trust him and leave everything in the hands of One For All.

But All for one and Shigaraki They did not sit idle. In order to distract the heroes still around and sow panic in the streets, the villain king has freed numerous smaller criminals in the city. Meanwhile, he also hired a new partner to try to finally steal the One For All.

By giving it a new quirk, the Air Walk, All For One recruited Lady Nagant, a former heroine who was disappointed in society. As Hawks revealed, this new character used to be a colleague of his who worked for the Heroes Commission for Public Safety. However, at some point in his life, he completely changed course by killing several heroes.

However, according to fans, there is something else between Hawks and Lady Nagant. According to church-born theories, it would have been Lady Nagant some kind of mother for the current number two, the only woman able to change the closed and shy personality of the little Hawks. If Hawks is the Pro Hero he has become, Lady Nagant will be credited as well. If that turns out to be true, it will be an exciting and surreal fight.

We discover the border of Deku in My Hero Academia 312. The indictment of the young hero in My Hero Academia 313.

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