For some time there has been talk of the return of the anime Dragon Ball Super with two new series. However, the official announcement is delayed and slips from event to event. Are we really so sure that theDragon Ball Super Anime is he coming back soon?

According to information that has been leaked in recent months, TOEI Animation would produce two separate Dragon Ball Super themed projects. The first would be a web anime based on the non-canon Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the other would be Dragon Ball Super 2, which is the sequel to the anime that was interrupted at the end of the Tournament of Power saga.

We've talked about these two productions for too long now, but one statement has fans trembling. According to the director of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, no new anime is in production.

Protagonist at Japan Expo Sud 2023 where he released an artwork of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Chikashi Kubota has firmly denied the rumors about the two Dragon Ball Super anime. The director stated that there is no work in progress at the moment and that if he had known about it, he would surely have given up his current works (ONE PUNCH MAN Season 3) to participate in the production of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

The rumors seem to have been denied, but that's not necessarily the case. According to some users, according to the contract, Kubota could not make any statements about a new anime and it would have been forced to deny the rumours about the two new souls. Will we hear from Dragon Ball Super in 2023?

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