The anime Spy x Family will return in fall 2022 with 12 new episodes after the conclusion of the first half of the season. Fans literally loved it Forger family, consisting of three members who are as bizarre as they are well blended together. CloverWorks and Wit Studio have created an excellent product, the best of Spring 2022.

Spy x Family Episode 1x12 is already available on Crunchyroll and closes the first half of the season by taking us to the Aqua Park with the Forger family. Dad Loid is determined to impress the neighbors by delivering the baby Anya and Yor on a family trip, while in the meantime he has to do a special operation for his agency.

After the last episode of Spy x familythe cosplayer posted on her Tik Tok account a Video in which he shows the different outfits of Yor in the early episodes of Spy x Family. has created garments identical to Yor's that suit her perfectly, as we can see in her post at the bottom of the news.

Fans literally loved Yor, second only to the small, very nice Anya in the preferences of Japanese viewers. We can't wait for the counterfeiters to return with the second part of Spy x Family season 1, and to pass the time we recommend everyone to read the manga of the same name. Tatsuya Endowhere the adventures of the three continue between missions, stars and lots of laughter. #cosplay #cos #cosplayer #cosplayers #lolita #coser #anime #gaming ♬ Original sound - Alicia

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