You will remember when in My Hero Academia there was the arch dedicated to Overhaul. The yakuza, exploiting the power of Eri, managed to synthesize a drug capable of removing first and then definitively the quirk of those hit. At the end of the saga also covered by season 4 of My Hero Academia, the bullets were stolen.

Since then, Shigaraki's team has never shown any intention of using those bullets and the rest of the material stolen from Overhaul. However the chapter 273 of My Hero Academia put them back at the center of some dark plan of the criminal group. After destroying the area surrounding the hospital, the newly awakened Tomura Shigaraki heads for the nearby capsule which, when opened, shows some small devices.

Apparently inside the capsulettes that Shigaraki tries to extract from the half-destroyed container there is the serum created by Overhaul. The villain is sorry for the lost job of the doctor and now there are only a few serums left. How will Shigaraki plan to use them? Now that he has to face Endeavor, could one of these be useful for disabling the enemy quirk?

My Hero Academia will return to Weekly Shonen Jump with chapter 274 on Sunday 7 June and with the English translation of MangaPlus.

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