After the defeat of Edeavour, who fell into All For One's psychological trap, the intervention of Tokyoami and Jiro Hawks gave a new chance of victory. With a resounding cliffhanger, My hero academy it had left readers with bated breath: the battle seemed won.

In Chapter 356 of Kohei Horikoshi's work, we see the two young Yuei heroes continuing the attack of the falcons. Thanks to Jiro's reporting, Fumikage manages another decisive blowhis secret move in combination with Dark Shadow, the Abyss Black Ephermeral Ragnarok.

All For One is unresponsive and completely at the mercy of the heroes. In his soul there is another inner struggle against previously stolen uniqueness. My Hero Academia Quirks have a mind of their own. However, just as Hawks was about to launch the final attack that would end the fight, the Symbol of Fear manages to regain control of the Quirks.

His hundreds of blades manage to recover and reconstruct the fragments of his helmet with vital functions and meanwhile launch a counterattack on the trio of heroes. However, this is dismissed by the riotous return of My Hero Academia 356. Endeavor, it's back on its feet.

While his comrades battled the villain, Endeavor wrestled with his former self, which accused him of becoming a failure. After conquering his fears with a burst of fire, he loyally returns to duty. It is your responsibility to defeat All For Onebut protecting his friends cost him an arm.

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