It's been so many years prison school was a manga and anime trend. Meanwhile, even the author Akira Hiramoto has been working on a new manga for several months after completing another project called Raw Hero. Also, no new seasons of the Prison School anime are on the horizon, making the name obsolete.

Obviously, this isn't enough to forget some characters who managed to break through the public eye one way or another. Given the prison school context, it's pretty clear what these are Key features of Meiko Shirakithe violent and mean vice president of the secret student council, is tasked with keeping an eye on the five boys locked in the girls' bathroom for spying.

Always dressed in her school uniform, the vice president is armed with a riding crop and tries with all her might to keep everyone in line. Saint Agnia, a cosplayer present on Twitter, tries to do the same and shows the public one of the latest creations in these photos available below. That Meiko Shiraki Cosplay from Prison School Accurately adopts the characteristics of the character and does not forget anything, including glasses, hairstyle, whip and other details.

If you want to remember the series, we refer you to our review of the Prison School anime.

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