In recent years, animation enthusiasts, or those who have followed some series that have been redefining the medium for some time, have started collecting rare pieces. From figures from another time to ones with flaws, the collector's market has expanded and this time it was a very rare figure Mazinger Z.

The work of go nagai have had a formidable influence on the development of Japanese comics and animation, just consider that today's mechas are descended from the master's imaginative robots, and the narrative maturity that Devilman has achieved has shown new frontiers for the expressive potential of manga. It is therefore not uncommon for collectors to want to own objects related to works that defined an era and when a very valuable action figure is over Race K-7a character appearing in Mazinger Z, it was clear that it wouldn't be too long before disproportionately priced deals would come up.

Starting at 13.5 million yen, about $100,000 at current exchange rates, the figure in question, made in very few examples by Popy in 1973, is considered by many to be the rarest piece in terms of Japanese toys it sold for $200,000. Do you know one of the most valuable objects on the Japanese collector's market? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Finally, we leave you with our review of Mazinger Z Infinity, a film produced by Toei Animation to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the series.

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