After the huge success with Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima managed to replicate himself EDEN ZERO, Shonen Space Fantasy, which has also conquered Netflix with the production of an animated adaptation. Shiki and Rebecca's space journey is imminent: here they are in action in the first teaser trailer of the anime's second season.

With an earlier key visual, it was announced that EDENS ZERO would return in 2023. Now the release window has a more specific date, the adventure will restart in the month of April 2023. The animation studio has been reconfirmed to work on this new season, which is expected in streaming on Netflix JC staff. However, it is worth remembering that director Yuuji Suzuki sadly passed away and therefore we will find a new character to direct.

Further official details have not yet been announced EDENS ZERO Season 2. Currently, the manga has a total of 22 volumes published, of which the first anime season consists of 25 episodes just adjusted 8. It wouldn't be a surprise at all if Season 2 was of a similar length. Here you can find the test report for EDENS ZERO.

In the first part of the work got to know the public Shiki Granbell, a human who can wield a magical power that grants supernatural abilities, and Rebecca, with whom she has embarked on a space journey. In the following installments, the EDENS ZERO fleet will have to face it big enemy Drakken Joe.

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