For the announcement of Dragon Ball great longtime fans of Akira Toriyama's work knew they would see the introduction of new evolutionary stages, especially for Goku. The forecasts turned out to be more than correct, and given the confusion of all the transformations, one naturally wonders What is Goku's strongest form?

Aside from Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the events narrated in Dragon Ball GT, both series that don't fall into the canon of Toriyama's original vision, Goku has added new transformations to his arsenal, all of which are characterized by more or less obvious or important peculiarities. Gone are the days when the Super Saiyan first stage managed to stop the terrible threat posed by the Galactic Emperor Freeza, and with the growing dangers on the intergalactic plane, Goku was forced to constantly push his limits throughout the course of Dragon Ball Super .

To two more evolutions of the Super Saiyans, respectively named God and Blue, Goku took this a step further during the Tournament of Power, drawing on the divine technique of Ultra-Instinct, which is extremely difficult for creatures thought to be mortal to learn, and even angels or Gods of Destruction is very complex. Only thanks to Workouts alongside Merus and WhisIn fact, Goku managed to master the technique and use it again against the sorcerer Molo and in the Granolah saga.

The fight against gas turned out to be particularly difficult and only thanks to the advice of Whis or von Gives Ultra Instinct a personal touch, and upon hearing the battle between his father Bardock and Gas that took place 40 years earlier, Goku managed to breathe life into a hybrid technique of unprecedented power. That True Ultra Instinct is currently Goku's strongest formand consists in the union of the divine abilities of engineering with the ability to control strong emotions and use them to one's advantage in battle.

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