In the tough war against the pirates of the Hundred Beasts that takes place in Onigashima, everyone is forced to join the game. There is no room to back down, even considering that the future king of the pirates of ONE PIECE could be at stake. Hence also Nico Robin has found his fight.

To compete against Black Maria, who was crossed to save Sanji, Nico Robin used new techniques in ONE PIECE. First there was the use of the Giant Fleur, which easily created a giant version of the archaeologist. However, this was not enough and in ONE PIECE 1021 he had to use all his strength, also those of Koala and Sabo. use learned techniques during the time with the revolutionary army in the ONE PIECE timeskip.

Has so the demoness brought out Fleur, a huge version of herself, but with a much more demonic and vampiric aspect. The version immediately gained audiences among ONE PIECE fans, and one user, Agent-65, shared a fan art with one on Reddit Nico Robin demonically very suggestive. In the fanart below we see the archaeologist as a kid, then as an adult, and finally with the monstrous and giant version recently introduced by Eiichiro Oda. Were you surprised by Nico Robin's new move?

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