The adventures of the pirate protagonists of ONE PIECE continue: the manga has reached chapter 990 and seems to have introduced a new character who will become it Luffy's closest ally and other characters born from the spirit of Eiichiro Oda.

The war against Kaido's armed forces is now reaching its climax: in addition to the clash between Luffy, Zoro and the others against the giants, on the pages of the final chapter of the long-lived saga we witnessed the events of X Drake, caught by the machinations of Who's Who, who has Will as Queen - Uses bait and reveals Drake, who is now surrounded and outnumbered. At this point, the character surprises everyone, approaches Luffy directly and asks him to do so fight with him.

Unfortunately, the chapter ended before we could read the protagonist's answer, but we're sure that at least for that Affairs of WanoDrake will be part of the large group of allies of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. All you have to do is wait for Chapter 991 to be released on September 21st on the Weekly Shonen Jump website. In the meantime, we report on this news in which we talk about a theory about the fate of ONE PIECE's Going Merry.

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