Nami's large posters have always been special. Compared to the other characters of the protagonists of the crew ONE PIECEWith shots stolen during battle or funnier moments, the navigator and thief always managed to strike convincing poses, even with some deception on the part of the photographer.

Once, Nami is seen from the back of the pool right after the Enies Lobby saga when the whole crew gained tremendous popularity. The girl was relaxing with others when the photographer approached her and persuaded her to pose for a photo. After the ONE PIECE time skip Nami is pictured with a close-up which, however, reveals her beauty and a compelling pose with arms raised and wavy hair.

French cosplayer L'acky, a big fan of ONE PIECE, decided to pose with the different posters of the navigator behind and create a Nami posts a timeskip cosplay with a tangerine in his hands, probably from his beloved plant that he is holding on the Thousand Sunny. A likeable version of Nami that would sure look great on her future posters.

The crew will grow in number, but especially after Wano, Luffy's size will grow.

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