In Japan, it is common to use the most famous anime to create ad hoc advertisements, sometimes very funny ones. The Vegeta dedicated to purification remains an icon, but the latter is a subject dear to the heart of many characters in the world of manga and anime. Likewise Shin-chan needs a similar product for a very specific reason.

One of the most famous gags of Crayon Shin-chan's anime and manga concerns the stench of the feet of Hiroshi, the child's father. Whenever he comes home, Hiroshi takes off his shoes and the stench from his feet hits the baby badly. How can I solve it? In this new commercial that aired in Japan, the Shin-chan's mother suggests using Nivea-Kaos 8x4 Men Deodorant Body Wash.

The video of the Nivea promotion is available above and on the KaoJapan channel. After returning home and shaking out his smelly socks, Hiroshi finally throws himself into the bathroom and uses the new soap, resulting in clean, odor-free feet that make Shin-chan's eyes shine. In Saitama Prefecture, in Kasukabe Station, near which the series is set, the product was even advertised with one huge poster on which Hiroshi indicates the specifics of the product.

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