It's official, folks! Aniplex has dropped the bombshell we've all been waiting for. They're rolling out anime adaptations for the "Off Season" and "Monster Season" of Nisio Isin's lit phenomenon, "Monogatari Series." The hype is real, but the format's still under wraps. Yet, get this: it's hitting screens this year.

The "Off Season" spans four volumes of oddities and legends, while "Monster Season" unfolds across six. We're talking centuries-old vampire lore, shikigami, and eerie human encounters. These tales aren't just for kicks; they're a battleground for specialists wrestling with the supernatural.

  • Monogatari Series: Off Season: Imagine a world where oddities aren't just bedtime stories. They're real, and they've been around for 600 years. This series is a wild ride with eight protagonists, each tangled up in this bizarre world, often finding themselves in a heap of trouble.
  • Monogatari Series: Monster Season: Picture this: high school girls vanishing without a trace, only for their mummified remains to turn up. There's a sinister mark left behind... Enter Koyomi Araragi, fresh into university, determined to crack this chilling case.

Since 2005, Nisio Isin has been weaving this narrative web, with Kodansha publishing a whopping 29 volumes. The anime? That's SHAFT's territory since 2009, and they've been nailing it.

Monogatari Series

Meet the Dream Team

  • Akiyuki Shinbou, the mastermind behind hits like Madoka☆Magica, is spearheading this project. He's got the reins on script supervision too.
  • At the director's chair, we've got Midori Yoshizawa, a name synonymous with top-tier anime. SHAFT is her stage this time around.
  • Fuyashi Tou joins the script squad, bringing his A-game from works like Nisekoi.
  • Character design and animation direction? That's Akio Watanabe's playground, known for his distinctive style.

The Essence of Monogatari Series

Dive into a "phantasmagoria," a tale of bonds and beasts, of deceit and deception. Koyomi Araragi's story kicks off with a vampire encounter that flips his life upside down. It's a saga of his struggle to reclaim humanity in a world brimming with supernatural woes.

Source: Comic Natalie

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