Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine, a weekly Seinen magazine, often publishes quality ecchi manga. Prison School is the most famous example, but there are many other authors who propose similar series with a lot of eroticism. The manga from Getsuyoubi no Tawawa.

Also known by the English title Tawawa on Monday, this series was originally conceived by Himura Koseki, the author, as a series of single pages to be posted on her Twitter account every Monday. The purpose was Get rid of depression starting Mondaythe blue Monday, with blue illustrations of extremely busty girls dealing with colleagues, bosses, employees, other students and much more that the Monday-stressed reader can identify with.

The Twitter version garnered so much acclaim that it spawned both a Tawawa on Monday anime and a real-life manga, which began publication in Weekly Young Magazine in 2020, hitting the shelves of Japanese comics and bookstores, however an advertising poster did not go to UN Women.

The slightly ecchi-tinged fanservice series was actually advertised in the Nikkei newspaper on April 4th and has since drawn criticism from the United Nations Organization for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (UN Women). who did this sent a letter on April 11 claiming advertising was “unacceptable”, and also asks for information about why it was chosen to be printed. The image seen below shows one of the protagonists, Ai-chan, in profile and with her breasts practically covered while saying, "I hope it's going to be a good week".

A magazine representative said that “April 4th is the first Monday of the year for many new hires.” Referring to the fact that in Japan, contracts and many new events usually start in April, “we put in a full-page ad to distribute their fear and cheer them up." According to Ishikawa, a representative of UN Women, "Promoting a manga about an underage girl as a male sexual target is obviously risky Promote prejudices that force these rules on women"However, it should be noted that Ai-chan is only one of many protagonists and that adult women and adults also do their jobs in the course of the other chapters.

How do you think the affair will be resolved? Meanwhile the two seasons of Tawawa on Monday are both available on Crunchyroll.

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