The Sabaody Archipelago was a fundamental location for Luffy and his crew's adventure. Arrived in this cave of huge mangroves, the protagonists of ONE PIECE They immediately faced some serious problems, which then provoked an unpredictable crisis and the separation of the crew.

It was the archipelago itself that provided a meeting place two years later when the Mugiwara, now grown and full of new experiences, They made their way to the New World. All changed in physique and abilities, but also in clothing. Eiichiro Oda had once again changed Mugiwara's outfits, and the one who had no doubt greatly impressed since his first appearance was Nami.

The crew navigator has always been a physically exuberant girl, but with the time warp, Oda has decided to show off her body even more, with low-rise jeans and a swimsuit covering her boobs. Cosplayer Fabibi focuses on this first post-timeskip version of ONE PIECE by presenting her own Nami cosplay with green and white costume and jeans.

It has been a while since these Nami were seen as there was a lot of clothing changing at the various islands along the way. For example, you can see many Nami Kunoichi cosplays lately.

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