The mangaka's work requires significant physical and mental effort due to the fast pace of publication. As a result, the authors of the most popular manga series often become ill and their works are suspended for some time. This happened to Shuichi Shigeno while he was working on it MF spirit.

The most striking example of the above is Yoshihiro Togashi, author of hits like Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho, who has had to give up his pencil for long periods over the years due to recurring physical problems. Production rhythms have become unsustainable for the Hunter x Hunter mangaka, which is slowly releasing more chapters of its iconic work.

Another famous mangaka who recently had to be forced into retirement is Yuki Tabata. Black Clover has just entered a sudden hiatus of a few weeks due to the precarious living conditions of the author who has embarked on the final narrative arc of the Clover wizarding adventure.

Join this circle too Shuichi Shigeno, Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine #51 is reportedly ill. Shigeno is currently working on the serialization of MF spiritthe heir to Initial D, the legendary car artwork that inspired the art of drifting.

Published in Weekly Young Magazine, as we previously reported, MF Ghost is on hiatus unlimited precisely because of the precarious state of health of Sensei Shigeno. At least at the moment It is not yet known when serialization will resume. The magazine published by Kodansha will announce it at a later date. We remind you that MF Ghost is being turned into an anime series for which a trailer has been released.

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