It has enabled the completion of UQ Holder, a very long manga that has appeared in various Kodansha magazines in recent years Ken Akamatsu to pursue a new career. The author had already announced for some time what he thought about some situations related to manga and in general about the decision to enter politics.

In defense of freedom of expression in Japan, Ken Akamatsu announced his candidacy with the Liberal Democratic Party last year. Just these days, at the beginning of the tragic assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, elections were taking place in Japan. The various Japanese statistical offices made some projections for the results that would have been obtained at the end of the voting. For the twenty-sixth election of the House of Councilors (equivalent to our Senate), it is clear that the Liberal Democratic Party will have enough votes to secure a seat for Ken Akamatsu as well.

The UQ Holder mangaka announced the win on Twitter, noting that he He will be the first mangaka to become a parliamentarian. In the past, there was writer Akiyuki Nosaka (author of The Tomb of the Fireflies) who would become a politician, as well as other colleagues of his, but no one working on manga had reached that level.

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