Chainsaw Man was one of the revelations of the Weekly Shonen Jump in recent years. This manga released between 2018 and 2020 saw the completion of the first part along with the announcement of a second part. And it's Chainsaw Man 2, one of the most anticipated manga of this year, with the author finally announcing the release date.

The project will soon return to Shonen Jump +, Shueisha's digital magazine, and MangaPlus, the international portal with chapters in English and other languages. Chainsaw Man 2 will debut in Japan on July 13, while its release for the western portal time zone could be expected. So very little is missing, and Weekly Shonen Jump has gone for it Advertisement for the debut of Chainsaw Man Part 2 with a promotional page inserted in issue 32 of the magazine.

This side is almost entirely yellow and focuses on History of Denji told in the first part: you can see the encounter with the zombie devil, with the devil katana, with Santa Claus and many other moments, but the character in the middle is the completely new one. The completely transformed Chainsaw Man, wearing a gakuran - a male school uniform - faces a girl with pigtails who is not afraid of him.

What did Tatsuki Fujimoto think for the second part?

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