The manga of My hero academia reserves a series of really sensational twists in a row. It also seems that the author, Kohei Horikoshi, has not run out of ammo yet and still has a big ace up his sleeve to play in the next few chapters, and that could really impress readers.

According to some hypotheses, also dictated by the similarity between Bakugo and the second owner of the One For All, these two characters are You could be the exact same person although their relationship still doesn't seem very clear. Waiting to know whether the sensei will confirm this theory or not, presumably next week with chapter 306 of My Hero Academia, we are restoring an old interview with the mangaka three years ago, or when he anticipated the readers of these events:

  • Q: "There are villains who cannot be saved. Is there anyone in My Hero Academa who matches this description? "
    TO: "I think if I had to answer that question then I would risk throwing a huge spoiler, but there are still characters that fit that statement, a bit like Muscular, who enjoys killing other people. If there is to be a story about saving a villain, there must be a reward for such a thing. "
  • Q: "Does a villain who should be saved apply to Tomura Shigaraki instead?"
    TO: "I would say yes. I think we're getting to a point where Shigaraki can't look back anymore. But whatever I say, if I had to add anything else, I would risk using your imagination so that I don't go into the details. All I can say is that I hope you can look forward to how the story unfolds from now on. "

Well, so it seems that in light of that, the sensei has finally gotten to this point Dialogue between Nana Shimura and Deku, in which the latter stated that within theI There is a small child from Shigaraki who is just waiting to be saved. As for you, what do you think instead of the old interview with Horikoshi, who patiently waited to reach that moment? Let us know with a comment below.

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