Nico Robin arrived in Wano long before her captain. When the latter was joined by Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Carrot for a heist on Whole Cake Island, the archaeologist began to find a spot on Samurai Island. Thus began the ONE PIECE a Wano saga with her already at the court of Orochi.

However, this version of Nico Robin that appeared to Wano did not allow her to fight. The dress was a highly decorated and geisha colored kimono so that it could be shown in great fashion at court. Nico Robin's beauty briefly allowed her to infiltrate the enemy castle of this ONE PIECE arc. But for the phase dedicated to Onigashima, full of battles, it was necessary for Nico Robin to change clothes.

Brazilian cosplayer Alice Dias decided to show her version of the archaeologist in this one Cosplay of Nico Robin in Onigashima version's kimono, so with a dress always Japanese style, but sleeveless, low-cut and very short, with a lilac hue and a lilac floral pattern, along with a black jacket with a red lining. In this way, it will be much easier for her to fight against the enemies that populate every corner of the island.

Here is a Nico Robin cosplay after the time warp from ONE PIECE and a vintage Nico Robin cosplay with a hat.

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