Spy x Family Chapter 62 kicked off a mini story arc that allowed readers to learn about Agent Twilight's sad past. The flashback to Loid Forger's past life continues in the latest date with Tatsuya Endo's manga series.

there Third part of Mission 62, also known as Chapter 62.3, continues to explore Twilight's past. After first meeting Frankie, then-Military Loid softens and eventually passes a cigarette to what was supposed to be an enemy. But a speech by someone who will be his best friend in the future enrages him. At that moment, the two are surprised by shots.

While Frankie escapes unharmed, Twilight is injured and miraculously manages to reach the Allied camp. There, meets his three childhood friends, who he believed died during the bombing. After a long time, "Roland" expresses sincere feelings. However, fate makes fun of it. The three who were called on a mission will never return. From them only the nameplates are preserved. Meanwhile, a rumor confirms that the anime Spy x Family will adapt the entire manga.

This opening of the soldier known as Roland reveals his true identity. A Secret service man discovers Twilight's secret and suggests he give up everything to follow him. So he begins his career as a spy, which will lead him to the father forger in the future.

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