Tite Kubo returns to Weekly Shonen Jump. After the serialization of Bleach was completed, the 2018 mangaka partially withdrew from the scene to grab the Burn the Witch oneshot. A few years later, this oneshot becomes a four-chapter mini-series that has just debuted on MangaPlus in English and Spanish.

The first chapter of Burn the Witch begins with color pages showing us the characters known in the self-contained story, namely Noel, Ninny and Balgo. This adventure therefore takes place after the events that were told a few years ago. After a brief reintroduction of the two protagonists Noel and NinnyLet us return to the Wing Bind, where we will also give a review Balgo and Osushi.

The duo cause an uproar as Osushi gets out of hand, but the two witches manage to calm the situation down. However, the little monster had gone mad because of the danger of the environment: a dragon actually attacks shortly after Balgo. Not only is the creature more leathery than expected, but it turns out Also be a dark dragon that sets the area on firestart an emergency.

While Noel and Ninny try to control the situation, the leaders of Wing Bind are watching the situation from their room. The presentation of all members and the chief Wolfgang warns that the reason for the appearance of a black dragon in London after almost a century lies in the presence of Balgo in the region. For that it has to go. Burn the Witch will return with Chapter 2 next week.

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